Wednesday, June 26, 2013


"Growing old really makes you wiser indeed"

Of course still maturity doesn't always come with age....Some people hit that light bulb earlier than others....some realized only at their deathbed.

Today I discovered what it is really like to feel "old"...while I don't necessarily feel I am mature or "a man" I think it definitely changed the way I think while I was in a young adult.

I learned that :

"there is no action without consequence" causality
"there is always a choice"freedom
"change yourself or change the world" impact
"there is no right or wrong"moral judgement
"you are on a timetable" death is waiting
"time is the worlds currency" nothing is free
"love is needed because humans need love" emotions needed for soul healing
"Parents are God in the eyes of a child" love thy maker
 "Learning never stops because the world keeps spinning" dynamic environments
"No one is smart, they just do the right things at the right time" chance grabbing

While this is only the part I have learned when living alone...I still know I have a looonngggggg wayyyy to goooo.....But I find that living alone and making mistakes are good...If you know what goes wrong in your life...this is good for you

At the back of my mind is a child that keeps making mistakes and blames the world for everything gone wrong....Thats who i see when I look in the mirror....A spineless and stubborn person.

Yea its not perfect...I know it sounds like I am criticizing myself.But the truth is everyone feels this way...Humans have a universal feeling that they feel all the time....."why am I against the world" , "what did i do wrong" , "why am I here"

The answers are all in yourself....It will magically pop into your mind...I know its frustrating now that you dont see it yet....But when you finally will feel like Neo...The only one who knows you is yourself... No one will help you,no one will tell you what to do with your life. Just remember a few key things,remember to love yourself,the people who loves you....the rest you can go screw it....Fuck all the unnecessary people who hurt you or belittle you. Keep on living till you are old....To prove them wrong!


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